Sunday, November 13, 2011

wow. . . .

. . .well at least nobody guessed anything when i wasn't checking.

the Mixtress identified a Suede song that I had assumed was Suede, and #700 turned out to be Hurl . . .I found that after getting the album with #59 on it.

anyway, here are the songs that have been posted on the mumblr lately


this reminds me of a Helmet kind of band.

it's got a rather catchy chorus, but i can't really pick out the words.

now lets talk about Shellac!


this is the end of a backwards acoustic ballad with a guitar solo

it sounds sad as shit

i have no possible guess as to what this could be

I just know that THERE WERE THOUSANDS!!!



you don't think it's gonna be shoegaze when it starts, but it gets there and you're like "shit, it's like 'only shallow' sped up"

the rest of it sounds a bit like Lush.

I have no guesses.


this is just crazy

You've got a tuba on the bass, a trumpet on the lead, a xylophone and a guy screaming. The part with the xylophone sounds just like Girls Against Boys. Dude even sings like Scott Mccloud when he tries to sing. "I disconnect waterway systems, i fall asleep thinking". Also, says he wants to kill something. . .dont' know what? (the singer? the drummer? the sexplayer? get right down to it. we gotta amuse ourselves somehow. . . . .make it alright)

This one sounds kind of sad too, but not as sad as squirrels.


alright. Here's the thing about this song.

It came on, and I was half asleep, but I pressed record. right?

 it was the end of the tape. I had to turn it over really fast to try and get the rest of the song.

 the lady did not say who it was. . . .if she was even there at that point. It sounds like she wanted to end the show with THE SADDEST SONG EVER.

 . . . . . 


 it's shoegazey, has that keyboard flourish going all through it, and a girl singing.

 . . . it's also REALLY FUCKING SAD.

It sounds like some kind of random Lush song. . . but I really don't think it's Lush because I cannot hear any kind of accent at all (and everybody knows the girls from Lush had heavy English accents . . . .maybe not as heavy as Morrisey's, but they were there)

 oh, and please don't get it twisted. it is NOT SHELLAC.

Even though I keep quoting that song in the tags.

PS - they were REAL SQUIRRELS!!!!!


sorry guys. . .i LOVE suirrel song

I mean, I fucking LOVE squirrel song

anyway, hope someone knows these

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so, we're on mumblr. . .

and two more songs were found

from the math rock post

#26 is “Darjeeling” by Rodan


#59 is “Effie” by Hurl

identified by a guy known as "gunkgunk"

so, some new tracks were posted there
and I'm gonna recap them for you here


it's got a fucking weird time signature, and sounds just a little bit like the Melvins with no bass. 

#108 (the infamous "EJECT EJECT EJECT EJECT WOOO!!" song)

in this song, there are two things I can pick out that the seemingly hyper singer is saying.

1. "sustain time limit"

2. "EJECT EJECT EJECT EJECT WOOO!!!" (I will not be held responsible if you get that stuck in your head and start yelling it at random inopportune times)

Somewhere I have another song that I'm pretty sure is also by whoever this is.

(some song where he keep saying "i'm a small white animal", and there's looping guitar feedback)


we got chick singers, and probably some of the best feedback at the end of a song.

no idea who this could be at all

very happy to post the first random tape that is not from the blogspot version of the site.

I'll posting the rest of the unidentified from the other version, and new ones.

stay tuned.

(submit answers in the "ask" column . .. . sorry I forgot to add one before....still getting the hang of this mumblr thing


this song reminds me of Blonde Redhead (except no female vocals) and Unwound a little bit too.

It also sounds like it might be live. 


harsh, fast, angry hardcore punk that was recorded on a night when reception was not that good at all.

The vocals sound a little bit like Henry Rollins, but I really don't think this is Black Flag.

Am I wrong?


hardcore (crust?) punk.

starts with some gang vocals, gets really fucking fast in the middle (after the sound drops out. . . .that's the radio station).

that's all I can really say.

anybody know?

lemme know.

i'm watching both of these. . . . .really. . . .i really am. . . . .seriously. .

(but the mumblr site will likely get the new updates first, because i'm on there too god damn much).

keep those ears open. don't worry that the 4th quarter of the years music releases have all been disappointing. . .it happens. . .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

alright. . . . we're gonna try something. .

..the random tapes shall also exist on tumblr (or as I like to call it "mumblr") will soon exist

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

end of the month random tape that isn't so random. .

. . . because I found it on google

the chorus to this song gets stuck in my head once a month

or more

never knew who bloody sang it though.

nor did I know it had a video

.....nor did i know it had a UK video, with the sped up 60s intro included



no really

no posts all month. . .again. . . .lookit that. . . . .

oh well

Friday, April 29, 2011

well color me clueless. . .

. . .I don't post since February (see why I didn't make a resolution?), and my ol' buddy from Canada TedMurda identifies one of the earlier songs posted.

You remember this one, the one that I said "isn't Texas is the Reason"?

it's "blue boy" and it's from a split

no wonder I couldn't bloody find it.

Thanks Ted.

I wanna post new songs, but the others from last post have not been guessed at all.

I've been busy with KHR stuff, and generally being a joyless sod (didn't April fucking suck?!?!?!)
I definitely want to post some more before Maryland Death Fest.
Just because.

Til next time, stay tuned.

oh, right, I'm on Twatter now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm gonna wait a little bit to post another tape, because that's a lot of songs in that last post.

I've found a lot of new shit i love, and here is some right now. . .

-Odd Future

after the disappointment that was Saigon's album that has been so long in the making it's ridiculous (I knew he'd come out with something before Papoose though), I was introduced to the hip-hop I've heard since finally checking out Dr. Dooom a month ago
I liked Death + Taxes mag on facebook. One day, they posted this. .

what the fuck?
that rules

you can get everything they've put out so far at the official Odd Future site

Earl and Tyler's albums are my favorite
They get compared to Wu Tang and Kool Keith and Eminem a lot
I have another comparison
Cereal Carpens (the late Camu Tao's hilarious alter ego)

-Ringo Deathstarr

first of all, that name fucking RULES!!!
It's like a name a powerviolence band would have (John Cougar Concentration Camp?)
. . .this is a shoegaze band though.
They're so much like My Bloody Valentine, they have Bilinda lookalike in the band.
She plays bass though.

That's from the new album, that apparently is supposed to be out already.

and with that, TIME FOR METAL

-Dragged Into Sunlight

their album is actually from 2009. . . but I think it's about to get rereleased on Prosthetic Records.

a mix of sludge, and black metal and death metal that makes me think of Incantation a little bit.

-good buddies of mine from the Decibel message board have said this is the year of the grind (mainly because Pig Destroyer are supposed to put out an album, but Gridlink, Total Fucking Destruction, Rotten Sound, Noisear, Maruta, Psudoku, and a fuckton more will be bringing it too), but i gotta say, it's been a fucking great for techinical death metal

the good kind, that's heavily influenced by Gorguts


I've loved Ulcerate since Of Fracture and Failure.
I wish they'd come play in the USA. Maybe one day. Maybe they'll get on MDF next year. . .who knows?
Their new album that comes out this year, is some crazy shit.
Imagine if one of those hydra head atmospheric sludge bands got a death metal drummer and told him "play twice as fast as we're playing".


it's one of the most interesting things i've heard this year

Exhibit B. PYRRHON

Pyrrhon are from NYC. They're a combination of Gorguts and Deathspell Omega.
You can get their new album right on that site.


You know Portal. Imagine if Portal kept their, but had a more straightforward sound. You might get something like this:


this is HELLA Gorguts

That's just a practice of a brand new song with no vocals

Willowtip is putting out an album from them this year.
You can hear them with vocals here

I love this kind of shit.

If you know some more bands similar to this, tell me about them.

I just got into Deathspell Omega last year, and anything like that I will also give a shot.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what was this stuff called??

so remember this post where I posted a Rodan song that would have been a random tape had I not just found out who it was by youtubing them?

Well, there were a LOT of bands that sounded like them in the 90s, a few of which shared members with Rodan.

. . . .when the local station played these bands songs though, they would almsot never say who they were.
(it was many years before I found out who sang "good morning captain". . .and I only had the end of the song, because that was what was playing when i turned on the radio back then and I just slammed the record button when I heard the "I MISS YOU" part. So, that was a long time with the end of that song playing in my head.)

I collected a lot of these songs.
I hope maybe someone can tell me which band is which.

I already know Hurl, Slint, Silkworm, Dianoga, Rodan, June of 44 and the Shipping News
. . . .but I haven't heard EVERYTHING from them yet. .


I'm gonna try and post every song I've heard of that ilk here.

Some have vocals
Some have no vocals
Some take a long time to get to the part with vocals

- # 26

- #59


- #109 (this one sounds like it's live.)

- #700

-#392 (a slow subdued intro, which turns into a lively triumphant. . .man, I don't know, it's just kind of a feel good song.)

also, there's one I can't find that the only thing I remember about it is he keeps saying "fuck the world, it's bigger than that".

I hope somebody knows who is who.

keep those ears open.


PS - one love to my Gooners.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

two days in a row again?!?!?

. . I'm really chomping at the bit to find out what some of this stuff is.

In fact, I've spent another day ripping more tracks.


so anyway, I've been asking everyone I could possibly think of that might know who does this doom metal cover of the Black Sabbath classic "paranoid".

They've got VERY low death grunts, a violin, and some guy who sounds like he's in a hardcore band yelling.
It's fucking weird.
As far as I know, it's not Type O or My Dying Bride.
Those were my only possible guesses.

Now, let us recap the songs from last year that still haven't been identified.

- #13 (the lo fi shoegaze song)

- #517 (no idea what it could be))

- #518 (I think it sounds like a Touch and Go band, Scissor Shock guy himself says it might be Hot Water Music related)

Found songs last year. . .I didn't post that many songs last year
"another the letter" by Wire
"I don't need this fucking shit" by Negative FX

I hope more get found this year.

Also, songs from the first year that must be heard again, because they've still not been found

- # 520 (all gang vocal stoner rock song)

- # 523 (the one that sounds like early Piebald)

- # 903 (the one that sounds like Unwound)

- # 8 (sounds like Dave Grohl drumming)

- # 7 (it's NOT Texas is the Reason)

- #18 (the doom riff. . .which a freind told me sounded like Sleep)

- #19 (one song that sounds like Versus but quite likely isn't)

- #58 (another song that sounds like Versus, but quite likely isn't)


- #3 (post hardcore song I have no idea who it could be. . .first song ever on random tapes)

I've got way more songs, and
I'm still not going to jynx.

keep the ears open

Saturday, February 5, 2011



it's a good thing I didn't resolve to post more tapes, I'm already a month behind.

Tonight, I dug up the tapes again and started ripping songs onto the harddrive, and a hilarious thing happened.

I went and googled a line from two of the songs. . .a method that rarely ever works. . .and found two of the songs.

One of them was this one

yeah, this one.
I couldn't believe it came from 71.
that sounds like it was made at least a year ago.
It was probably 1996 or 7 when I taped it.
. . .and all that time I thought I'd NEVER heard T-Rex before. Hilarious.

The other song was this one

first of all, props on naming yourselves like a soccer team.
Sultans of Ping FC.
That's fucking awesome.

second of all, this was on the same tape as the T-Rex song. That might not mean they were played the same night, but who knows.

I am actually going to post one I don't know though.
First one of the year.


For some reason, I think it might be one of those big thrash bands. I don't know why? A few of them were branching out in weird directions in those days, and I rather liked some of it.
the riff is fucked up, but not all that technical. it could very well get stuck in your head for quite some time. I have no idea who it could be though.

I've been looking for this one to put it up on the blog for QUITE A WHILE now. It's not a forgettable song by any means. . .for me anyway.

lemme know if you have an idea.

oh, also
who did this hilarious Liz Phair cover??

he's just yelling it. he sounds drunk. it's amazing.
(no, I didn't know it was a Liz Phair song until tonight)

I'm not even gonna jynx myself here.

though, next time, i'm gonna go over the once that I still dont' know from last year.

see you

(PS - it sucks to have to say goodbye to the Endless Blockade and Japanische Kampfhörspiele . . . . .but at least I got to see them both at MDF. . .the same year even. . .right?)