Tuesday, February 9, 2010

way to go a WHOLE MONTH without posting Cory. . .

god. . .

. . .what is wrong with me?

i'm gonna do this

I am

you guys gotta go tell as many people as you possibly can about this blog. seriously.
one of my best bros told the whole sonic youth board about it, and that had a big hand in getting a bunch of songs named and discovered/rediscovered.

get on it

meanwhile, here is the first random tape of 2010

would you call this a "powerviolence" song? I don't know. It's real fast though.
and real short

do ya know it?
I don't
guy in particular used to play a bunch of these in a row and never say who anyone was.

oh well

I hope one of you knows

keep your ears open
(because I AM gonna do this, dammit)