Sunday, November 13, 2011

wow. . . .

. . .well at least nobody guessed anything when i wasn't checking.

the Mixtress identified a Suede song that I had assumed was Suede, and #700 turned out to be Hurl . . .I found that after getting the album with #59 on it.

anyway, here are the songs that have been posted on the mumblr lately


this reminds me of a Helmet kind of band.

it's got a rather catchy chorus, but i can't really pick out the words.

now lets talk about Shellac!


this is the end of a backwards acoustic ballad with a guitar solo

it sounds sad as shit

i have no possible guess as to what this could be

I just know that THERE WERE THOUSANDS!!!



you don't think it's gonna be shoegaze when it starts, but it gets there and you're like "shit, it's like 'only shallow' sped up"

the rest of it sounds a bit like Lush.

I have no guesses.


this is just crazy

You've got a tuba on the bass, a trumpet on the lead, a xylophone and a guy screaming. The part with the xylophone sounds just like Girls Against Boys. Dude even sings like Scott Mccloud when he tries to sing. "I disconnect waterway systems, i fall asleep thinking". Also, says he wants to kill something. . .dont' know what? (the singer? the drummer? the sexplayer? get right down to it. we gotta amuse ourselves somehow. . . . .make it alright)

This one sounds kind of sad too, but not as sad as squirrels.


alright. Here's the thing about this song.

It came on, and I was half asleep, but I pressed record. right?

 it was the end of the tape. I had to turn it over really fast to try and get the rest of the song.

 the lady did not say who it was. . . .if she was even there at that point. It sounds like she wanted to end the show with THE SADDEST SONG EVER.

 . . . . . 


 it's shoegazey, has that keyboard flourish going all through it, and a girl singing.

 . . . it's also REALLY FUCKING SAD.

It sounds like some kind of random Lush song. . . but I really don't think it's Lush because I cannot hear any kind of accent at all (and everybody knows the girls from Lush had heavy English accents . . . .maybe not as heavy as Morrisey's, but they were there)

 oh, and please don't get it twisted. it is NOT SHELLAC.

Even though I keep quoting that song in the tags.

PS - they were REAL SQUIRRELS!!!!!


sorry guys. . .i LOVE suirrel song

I mean, I fucking LOVE squirrel song

anyway, hope someone knows these

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