Friday, November 27, 2009

So hey. . .

. . it has come to my attention that sometimes when people try to comment, it doesn't work.

If this happens to you, feel free to drop me a line at

(unless of course you have me as a facebook freind. . .which, in that case, just hit me up there)

Meanwhile, I want to thank Ted for confirming that the second song in the previous post is in fact Endeavor, and the pop punk song is non other than Screeching Weasel.

I still need the other three.

I'm gonna wait a little to post another song. . .maybe. . . .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy slapsgiving. . thanksgiving. . .um. . yeah. . .tunesgiving. . .

First of all, I will give thanks.

Thanks to Logan (and Kevin from Facebook)
for identifying the song from last post as "unearthly" by Malevolent Creation.
The song is from an album called Eternal, which came out in 1995. . . so, I'm assuming it was around then I heard that on the radio station, because I heard 2 other songs from the same album around that time that I liked even more than that one.
So yeah, you helped me find THREE mystery songs.

As always, here at the Random tapes, we're thankful for THE FUCKING TUNES MAN!!

so, for this Slapsgiving
I'm gonna hit ya with FIVE UNIDENTIFIED SONGS

first up

This is some all gang vox all the time stoner rock. About the only thing I know they say is "I"M GONNA DO IT TIL THE DAY I DIIIIIIIIE!!!".

This song sounds like it could be Endeavor or someone like that. Definitely some hardcore shit.

This song sounds like old Piebald (the "barely legal" era, not the "all ages" era). I'm pretty sure it isn't them though.

and on a completely different note. . . .a pop punk song???

this sounds like it must be either the Queers or Sicko. . . .which are the only pop punk bands I'll listen to anymore (for the most part).

This last song is a little different, in that I REALLY think it's Unwound.
but it's not on any of the albums I have.

it sounds like it's at the right speed musically, but the vocals sound like they're at the wrong speed.
If by any chance this is NOT Unwound, maybe someone knows who it is. . .but it REALLY sounds like Unwound to me.

have fun
have a good slapsgiving
and keep those ears open

Sunday, November 22, 2009

unidentified song #516

I'm back

and I have DEATH METAL for you

This band have a singer who sounds just a little bit like Glen Benton. It's got some Dying Fetus type parts, to me anyway, but it's definitely NOT slam.

Lemme know if you know it.

Keep those ears open.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

unidentified songs #7 and 8


two songs tonight

complete opposites of each other

first up, the heavy

This song hits hard. The drums remind me of Dave Grohl. I'm not sure who the vocals remind me of. All I know is, it gets real crushing near the end. Whoever this band is, I'm probably gonna want everything they ever made.

now, the totally not heavy at all. . .

somehow, some way, this song turned out NOT to be Texas is the Reason.
I don't understand it, but it's not them.
I thought I'd heard most of those emocore bands that weren't Braid, but I must've missed one or two.
Someones gotta know who this is. I bet it's a name I always hear and never checked out.

so yeah, keep those ears open, as usual