Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so, we're on mumblr. . .

and two more songs were found

from the math rock post

#26 is “Darjeeling” by Rodan


#59 is “Effie” by Hurl

identified by a guy known as "gunkgunk"

so, some new tracks were posted there
and I'm gonna recap them for you here


it's got a fucking weird time signature, and sounds just a little bit like the Melvins with no bass. 

#108 (the infamous "EJECT EJECT EJECT EJECT WOOO!!" song)

in this song, there are two things I can pick out that the seemingly hyper singer is saying.

1. "sustain time limit"

2. "EJECT EJECT EJECT EJECT WOOO!!!" (I will not be held responsible if you get that stuck in your head and start yelling it at random inopportune times)

Somewhere I have another song that I'm pretty sure is also by whoever this is.

(some song where he keep saying "i'm a small white animal", and there's looping guitar feedback)


we got chick singers, and probably some of the best feedback at the end of a song.

no idea who this could be at all

very happy to post the first random tape that is not from the blogspot version of the site.

I'll posting the rest of the unidentified from the other version, and new ones.

stay tuned.

(submit answers in the "ask" column . .. . sorry I forgot to add one before....still getting the hang of this mumblr thing


this song reminds me of Blonde Redhead (except no female vocals) and Unwound a little bit too.

It also sounds like it might be live. 


harsh, fast, angry hardcore punk that was recorded on a night when reception was not that good at all.

The vocals sound a little bit like Henry Rollins, but I really don't think this is Black Flag.

Am I wrong?


hardcore (crust?) punk.

starts with some gang vocals, gets really fucking fast in the middle (after the sound drops out. . . .that's the radio station).

that's all I can really say.

anybody know?

lemme know.

i'm watching both of these. . . . .really. . . .i really am. . . . .seriously. .

(but the mumblr site will likely get the new updates first, because i'm on there too god damn much).

keep those ears open. don't worry that the 4th quarter of the years music releases have all been disappointing. . .it happens. . .

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