Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what was this stuff called??

so remember this post where I posted a Rodan song that would have been a random tape had I not just found out who it was by youtubing them?

Well, there were a LOT of bands that sounded like them in the 90s, a few of which shared members with Rodan.

. . . .when the local station played these bands songs though, they would almsot never say who they were.
(it was many years before I found out who sang "good morning captain". . .and I only had the end of the song, because that was what was playing when i turned on the radio back then and I just slammed the record button when I heard the "I MISS YOU" part. So, that was a long time with the end of that song playing in my head.)

I collected a lot of these songs.
I hope maybe someone can tell me which band is which.

I already know Hurl, Slint, Silkworm, Dianoga, Rodan, June of 44 and the Shipping News
. . . .but I haven't heard EVERYTHING from them yet. .


I'm gonna try and post every song I've heard of that ilk here.

Some have vocals
Some have no vocals
Some take a long time to get to the part with vocals

- # 26

- #59


- #109 (this one sounds like it's live.)

- #700

-#392 (a slow subdued intro, which turns into a lively triumphant. . .man, I don't know, it's just kind of a feel good song.)

also, there's one I can't find that the only thing I remember about it is he keeps saying "fuck the world, it's bigger than that".

I hope somebody knows who is who.

keep those ears open.


PS - one love to my Gooners.


  1. #700 sounds like Sunny Day Real Estate to my ears.

  2. #109 is SLINT

    from the self titled 2 song ep with the dead guy lying
    in the snow on the cover...