Friday, July 16, 2010

after last night it's hard to shine. . .

another found random tape.

I heard this song when i was maybe 15 or 16, and no joke, I thought it sounded like the Rza fronting a hardcore band. . . .and of course, there was that news that the Rza was working with a hardcore band called Dog Eat Dog. . but I never heard any of that. It probably didn't sound like this.

Indie rock used to kick your ass like metal. Think about it, the Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, Slint and of course all those Amphetamine Reptile bands influenced most of the GOOD metalcore bands in the world (I'm talking about bands like Coalesce, Converge and Botch).
Of course, only now am I figuring out which band is which. Radio shows used to play Rodan, Hoover, Slint, Silkworm and June of 44 back to back, and not say who they played.

I swear I'm gonna post more random tapes. . . but I've had no guesses for the current ones.
oh well
keep those ears open

(sing it with me now SHARKS AND SAILORS!!!!!!!)

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