Sunday, February 6, 2011

two days in a row again?!?!?

. . I'm really chomping at the bit to find out what some of this stuff is.

In fact, I've spent another day ripping more tracks.


so anyway, I've been asking everyone I could possibly think of that might know who does this doom metal cover of the Black Sabbath classic "paranoid".

They've got VERY low death grunts, a violin, and some guy who sounds like he's in a hardcore band yelling.
It's fucking weird.
As far as I know, it's not Type O or My Dying Bride.
Those were my only possible guesses.

Now, let us recap the songs from last year that still haven't been identified.

- #13 (the lo fi shoegaze song)

- #517 (no idea what it could be))

- #518 (I think it sounds like a Touch and Go band, Scissor Shock guy himself says it might be Hot Water Music related)

Found songs last year. . .I didn't post that many songs last year
"another the letter" by Wire
"I don't need this fucking shit" by Negative FX

I hope more get found this year.

Also, songs from the first year that must be heard again, because they've still not been found

- # 520 (all gang vocal stoner rock song)

- # 523 (the one that sounds like early Piebald)

- # 903 (the one that sounds like Unwound)

- # 8 (sounds like Dave Grohl drumming)

- # 7 (it's NOT Texas is the Reason)

- #18 (the doom riff. . .which a freind told me sounded like Sleep)

- #19 (one song that sounds like Versus but quite likely isn't)

- #58 (another song that sounds like Versus, but quite likely isn't)


- #3 (post hardcore song I have no idea who it could be. . .first song ever on random tapes)

I've got way more songs, and
I'm still not going to jynx.

keep the ears open

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