Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year

as you know

blew ass.

I'm not even gonna jynx the next one by talking about it.

lets just get to the business of today

these are the songs that have been identified:
"three reichs you're out" by Mangina
"skeleton king" by Yona-Kit
"rodney king" by the Boo Radleys
"hurricane" by Thinking Fellers Union Local 242
"heavy business" by Magic Dirt
"unearthly" by Malevolent Creation
"she got electro shocked" by Screeching Weasel
. . . .and Endeavor song. . but I can't remember the bloody thing's name

now. . .

here are the songs that we still don't know. . .

- # 520 (all gang vocal stoner rock song)

- # 523 (the one that sounds like early Piebald)

- # 903 (the one that sounds like Unwound)

- # 8 (sounds like Dave Grohl drumming)

- # 7 (it's NOT Texas is the Reason)

- #18 (the doom riff. . .which a freind told me sounded like Sleep)

- #19 (one song that sounds like Versus but quite likely isn't)

- #58 (another song that sounds like Versus, but quite likely isn't)


- #3 (post hardcore song I have no idea who it could be. . .first song ever on random tapes)

lemme know guys
these will be up here for a while.

In the new year, I'll find some stuff to post when I'm not harassing you all to identify sons for me, eh??
Sounds good.

Happy New Year
keep those ears open
bust 2009 inna face, bombaclaat

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what'd i tell you? worst blogger ever.

been a while since I posted a song here, eh??

I didn't run out. I shoudn't run out for some time. Things have been pretty crazy over here though.

Anyway, it's about that time for some network decay. . . .not too much, just a little.

I'll be posting about other stuff on here too sometimes.

First of all, did you know Livenation will randomly start sending magazines to your house???
Man, I dislike Ticketmaster, but at least they don't do that. Yet.

Next post, a recap of the tracks that are still unidentified, and a recap of the tracks that were identified.

New random tapes after New Years.

Friday, November 27, 2009

So hey. . .

. . it has come to my attention that sometimes when people try to comment, it doesn't work.

If this happens to you, feel free to drop me a line at

(unless of course you have me as a facebook freind. . .which, in that case, just hit me up there)

Meanwhile, I want to thank Ted for confirming that the second song in the previous post is in fact Endeavor, and the pop punk song is non other than Screeching Weasel.

I still need the other three.

I'm gonna wait a little to post another song. . .maybe. . . .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy slapsgiving. . thanksgiving. . .um. . yeah. . .tunesgiving. . .

First of all, I will give thanks.

Thanks to Logan (and Kevin from Facebook)
for identifying the song from last post as "unearthly" by Malevolent Creation.
The song is from an album called Eternal, which came out in 1995. . . so, I'm assuming it was around then I heard that on the radio station, because I heard 2 other songs from the same album around that time that I liked even more than that one.
So yeah, you helped me find THREE mystery songs.

As always, here at the Random tapes, we're thankful for THE FUCKING TUNES MAN!!

so, for this Slapsgiving
I'm gonna hit ya with FIVE UNIDENTIFIED SONGS

first up

This is some all gang vox all the time stoner rock. About the only thing I know they say is "I"M GONNA DO IT TIL THE DAY I DIIIIIIIIE!!!".

This song sounds like it could be Endeavor or someone like that. Definitely some hardcore shit.

This song sounds like old Piebald (the "barely legal" era, not the "all ages" era). I'm pretty sure it isn't them though.

and on a completely different note. . . .a pop punk song???

this sounds like it must be either the Queers or Sicko. . . .which are the only pop punk bands I'll listen to anymore (for the most part).

This last song is a little different, in that I REALLY think it's Unwound.
but it's not on any of the albums I have.

it sounds like it's at the right speed musically, but the vocals sound like they're at the wrong speed.
If by any chance this is NOT Unwound, maybe someone knows who it is. . .but it REALLY sounds like Unwound to me.

have fun
have a good slapsgiving
and keep those ears open

Sunday, November 22, 2009

unidentified song #516

I'm back

and I have DEATH METAL for you

This band have a singer who sounds just a little bit like Glen Benton. It's got some Dying Fetus type parts, to me anyway, but it's definitely NOT slam.

Lemme know if you know it.

Keep those ears open.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

unidentified songs #7 and 8


two songs tonight

complete opposites of each other

first up, the heavy

This song hits hard. The drums remind me of Dave Grohl. I'm not sure who the vocals remind me of. All I know is, it gets real crushing near the end. Whoever this band is, I'm probably gonna want everything they ever made.

now, the totally not heavy at all. . .

somehow, some way, this song turned out NOT to be Texas is the Reason.
I don't understand it, but it's not them.
I thought I'd heard most of those emocore bands that weren't Braid, but I must've missed one or two.
Someones gotta know who this is. I bet it's a name I always hear and never checked out.

so yeah, keep those ears open, as usual

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and unidentified track #25 is. . . .

"heavy business" by Magic Dirt (R.I.P. Dean Turner)
(and subsequently, #324 is "friends in danger")

thank you adamcooley (a bro)

(here's a video of them. .

. . . oh boy, this isn't helping me get over my thing for rocker chicks at all)

keep on guessing at those other 3 songs.

there'll be a new mystery song soon

keep the 'ol ears open

Sunday, October 25, 2009

unidentified song #25 (and a recap of all songs that haven't been identified yet)

well, either the youtube posts are repulsing everyone, or those last 3 songs are stumping everyone.

well, we're gonna try something new and much more simple this weekend.

(this is how it will be done from now on. . . .WE ARE IN BUSINESS!)

now, the song. We've got some sludgy guitars and a chick singer (no, it's definitely not Made Out of Babies. . . . . .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Julie Christmas)

whoever it is, I have another song by this same band on another tape.

so, you'd help identify TWO songs

and just to be thorough

here are those other 3 songs. . . in the new format.

#18 (the doom riff. . .which a freind told me sounded like Sleep)

#19 (one song that sounds like Versus but quite likely isn't)

#58 (another song that sounds like Versus, but quite likely isn't)


#3 (post hardcore song I have no idea who it could be. . .first song ever on random tapes)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

unidentified song #18

So, nobody's figured out the last two songs yet.
but here's a new one.

I just wanna say, I don't know what happened to all the metal songs I didn't know. I look through the tapes, and I seem to know them all.

There's always this one though.

I heard it on a local cable access show we used to have here, but it was an ad for something, so only this part of the song got played.
I have no idea who it could be at all.

Hope some of you do.




Thursday, October 8, 2009

unidentified songs #19 and #58

Okay, this time I used YouTube for the post.

I might videoblog these things in the future if I ever get over THE SHAME. . . ..

anyway, two songs in this post

they both sound like the same band, Versus. . . but I've heard 3 releases from the period this was recorded ('95 - '97) and have not found either song.

Either I missed something (I probably did) or it's not them.

Here we go. . .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 reichs you're out?

is a song by a band called Mangina (hilarious name)

identfied by Jonathan Schatz

thank you

next song coming up, most likely a youtube post

Sunday, October 4, 2009


okay, first of all

thanks to Derek for identiying song #27
it is the Boo Radleys song "rodney king (song for lenny bruce)"
from the album Giant Steps

thank you Derek
you own

now, for a new song

this is unidentified song 942
Unidentified song called 3 reichs you're out by KMFCM

it is an anti-racist hardcore punk song called "3 reichs you're out"

who is it???

Google is giving me nothing. It's been giving me nothing for years.

next post, will be done some other way, because soundcloud is saying i'm out of uploads, even though it's a brand new month.

might try youtube. . . .maybe. . . . .

keep yer ears open

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So, Tim identified song #14 as "hurricane" by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
(who, I heard before and loved)

it is from a 10" called Admonishing the Bishops



#27 is still stumping folks, as is #3

more songs coming in the next couple of days

keep your ears open

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

alright, I've got two tonight.

The first one, I don't know what it is.

It's a shoegaze/dreampop sort of thing. It's got a guy and a girl (or at least, it sounds like one).

Unidenfied song 27 by KMFCM

. . . not as much reverb as you're probably used to for this sort of thing.
Pretty cool though.
Lemme know if you recognize it.

the next one. . .

It really reminds me of Sonic Youth, but I don't think it's them.
Unless it's some random b-side I've never heard (there's a few of those I'm sure).

Unidentified 14 by KMFCM

hope you guys know

I don't

thanks again

(I have some hardcore and metal for you guys next time, yeah. . .yeah I do)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

song #10 has been identified. .

it is "skeleton king" by Yona-Kit

a Skin Graft band

it was on a compilation, with melt banana and mouth shasta and space streakings
I'm quite sure I heard this whole thing once and didn't know who it was.
ha ha

anyway, thanks to a guy known only as "Murray" for identifying that song.

meanwhile, stay tuned. I got a hold of a tape player and have a ton more shit.


and well, we still need #3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

unidentified song #10

So, #3 is stumping everyone but getting stuck in thier heads.
I'm sure someone will know eventually.

Meanwhile, here's another one.

Unidentified song 10 by KMFCM

It kinda reminds me of the Jesus Lizard, but I'm pretty sure it isn't them. The riff is real sick, and I can't understand the vocalist at all. He sounds a bit like Oscar the Grouch to me though.
Again, sick fucking riff. This will probably end up stuck in peoples heads too.

Hope someone knows it

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and the first song? untitled song #3 (no, they won't be in order)

So, this first song. . . .I have no idea who it could be.
I can't even think of a band I could compare this to, to give an idea of what it sounds like.
I guess you might call it a "post-hardcore" song. I'm about a clueless to genres as I was when I was 15. :)

Unidentified song 3 by KMFCM

Have you heard this song?
Do you know who it is?
please comment.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

the random tapes

So, hi. I don't know if there are similar blogs to this one. I thought of this idea a year ago or so, but never actually got started until now.

I'm known as KMFCM.
I'm a late blooming metalhead/indie rock fan/music nerd/snob/whatever you'd like to call it.
I started getting into underground music in my late teens. 15-16, around that time.
I used to listen to WVKR, the vassar college radio station, all night.
I'd go to sleep and leave the tape running, and then listen to what was recorded on the bus to school the next morning.

About 60% of the songs on the tapes, roughly, turned out to be the following bands (among others)
Pixies, Polvo, Sleater Kinney, Team Dresch, Anal Cunt, Fear Factory, Machinehead, Nothingface, Brainiac, Deadguy, Earth Crisis, the Queers, Sicko, Girls Against boys and the Grifters.

I got into a lot of music all at once,
but the other 40% was never identified.

I'm from Peekskill, and didn't leave the house all that much, but I can assure you, we never had record stores. It's just not that kind of town.
That's why when I moved to Philly for school in '99, it was like a revelation. . . . but some of this stuff was still never identified.

blah blah blah, etc. etc.
This isn't supposed to be that kind of blog. . or. . .well, i don't know.
Next post, the music starts.

I hope I discover some more new (old?) tunes through this.

thanks for reading.