Sunday, September 13, 2009

the random tapes

So, hi. I don't know if there are similar blogs to this one. I thought of this idea a year ago or so, but never actually got started until now.

I'm known as KMFCM.
I'm a late blooming metalhead/indie rock fan/music nerd/snob/whatever you'd like to call it.
I started getting into underground music in my late teens. 15-16, around that time.
I used to listen to WVKR, the vassar college radio station, all night.
I'd go to sleep and leave the tape running, and then listen to what was recorded on the bus to school the next morning.

About 60% of the songs on the tapes, roughly, turned out to be the following bands (among others)
Pixies, Polvo, Sleater Kinney, Team Dresch, Anal Cunt, Fear Factory, Machinehead, Nothingface, Brainiac, Deadguy, Earth Crisis, the Queers, Sicko, Girls Against boys and the Grifters.

I got into a lot of music all at once,
but the other 40% was never identified.

I'm from Peekskill, and didn't leave the house all that much, but I can assure you, we never had record stores. It's just not that kind of town.
That's why when I moved to Philly for school in '99, it was like a revelation. . . . but some of this stuff was still never identified.

blah blah blah, etc. etc.
This isn't supposed to be that kind of blog. . or. . .well, i don't know.
Next post, the music starts.

I hope I discover some more new (old?) tunes through this.

thanks for reading.

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