Sunday, October 4, 2009


okay, first of all

thanks to Derek for identiying song #27
it is the Boo Radleys song "rodney king (song for lenny bruce)"
from the album Giant Steps

thank you Derek
you own

now, for a new song

this is unidentified song 942
Unidentified song called 3 reichs you're out by KMFCM

it is an anti-racist hardcore punk song called "3 reichs you're out"

who is it???

Google is giving me nothing. It's been giving me nothing for years.

next post, will be done some other way, because soundcloud is saying i'm out of uploads, even though it's a brand new month.

might try youtube. . . .maybe. . . . .

keep yer ears open


  1. It sounds like Urban Waste or Void. . . but its definitely not either of those bands. I should know this, and I feel like I do, but I can't find it in my brain.

  2. It's off Mangina's self-titled, released on a label listed as "s/r". All I got, hope that helps. I found it on a college radio's playlist from September 1984 :)