Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year

as you know

blew ass.

I'm not even gonna jynx the next one by talking about it.

lets just get to the business of today

these are the songs that have been identified:
"three reichs you're out" by Mangina
"skeleton king" by Yona-Kit
"rodney king" by the Boo Radleys
"hurricane" by Thinking Fellers Union Local 242
"heavy business" by Magic Dirt
"unearthly" by Malevolent Creation
"she got electro shocked" by Screeching Weasel
. . . .and Endeavor song. . but I can't remember the bloody thing's name

now. . .

here are the songs that we still don't know. . .

- # 520 (all gang vocal stoner rock song)

- # 523 (the one that sounds like early Piebald)

- # 903 (the one that sounds like Unwound)

- # 8 (sounds like Dave Grohl drumming)

- # 7 (it's NOT Texas is the Reason)

- #18 (the doom riff. . .which a freind told me sounded like Sleep)

- #19 (one song that sounds like Versus but quite likely isn't)

- #58 (another song that sounds like Versus, but quite likely isn't)


- #3 (post hardcore song I have no idea who it could be. . .first song ever on random tapes)

lemme know guys
these will be up here for a while.

In the new year, I'll find some stuff to post when I'm not harassing you all to identify sons for me, eh??
Sounds good.

Happy New Year
keep those ears open
bust 2009 inna face, bombaclaat

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