Wednesday, March 28, 2012

identified songs of 2011

these are the identified random tapes of 2011

#7 “blue boy” by Texas is the Reason (TedMurda told me what that was)

#26 “darjeeling” by Rodan (gunkgunk guessed)

#59 “effie” by Hurl (gunkgunk also found this one)

#4 “animal nitrate” by Suede (ladyjules got that one)

#726 “alcohol the seed” by SWANS (weenlebowski found that one)

#107 “hate” by the Grifters (crapilistenedto find #1)

#254 “the flesh inside by The VSS (crapilistenedto find #2)

#12 (real squirrels) “will you fade” by Love Spirals Downward (crapilistenedto find #3)

thanks everyone for for your help, and here’s to more fucking tunes in 2012

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