Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm gonna really show you how much of a clueless late bloomer I am with this post. . .

you hear this song??

I heard this song when I was about, 17. okay?
at this point the only Melvins song i knew was "hooch" because I saw it on beavis and Butthead. . .and that amazing cover they do of "lexicon devil".
so you, I heard this song
I had it on a tape
it fucking ruled

I literally just found out 5 minutes ago that it's a Melvins song


you know how?

I was reading reviews of the show I went to on Friday, and the setlist said they played the intro

I got such a "holy shit" look on my face

had they played the whole song that night, I know I'd have recognized it and yelled "holy shit"

I mean, you realize how behind I am now, right?
I've only heard the last 3 records, and Houdini and Stoner Witch
I've got some listening to do, eh?

*sigh* fun.

here's the latest random tape
that shoegaze song

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