Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 days of not hating life

only a week this time
The main reason I wasn't posting was that I was getting ready for my vacation. Maryland Death Fest VIII!!
This was my 5th time attending the death metal party of the year.
I didn’t get to go to the pre-fest, but from Friday to about 3 quarters into Sunday, I was in headbangers heaven. . the sort of thing Fenriz describes in that Darkthrone song “hanging out in haiger”.

I saw a LOT of bands. Many of which I missed out on seeing, or even hearing due to my late bloomer status, or just having too much stuff to possibly hear it all. . .which, there is. A good portion of me concert going in the last couple years has been reliving stuff I never experienced in the first place.

I saw a LOT of bands, but these are my highlights. . . . in no chronological order (because I did not have the schedules when I got home. . .where'd they g?!o)

Black Breath - Black Breath fucking BROUGHT IT!!!! Loud as fuck, stage presence beyond compare, just owned the day.

Coffins - I saw them back in 2008. They made my night by playing "mortification to ruin" second. Best song. They did the same thing this year, but they slowed that shit down to a crawl. I thought it was just for the intro, but they played the entire song almost twice as slow as it's supposed to be. COFFINS CHOPPED AND SCREWED THEIR OWN SONG. They probably could've just walked off stage after that. I don't know how you follow that. It was awesome and ridiculous and awesome. I wish there was video of it somewhere. People need to hear that shit.

Autopsy - I had somehow never heard this band until MDF weekend. I was kicking myself for that by the end of the performance.

Jucifer - Some time ago, I remember there was a song of theirs on Headbangers Ball that was decidedly not very heavy. That was all I'd heard. I don't remember it very well. I checked them out on the Saturday and HO LY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, wall of amps like what??!?!?! Amber has a wall of amps comparable to that of the Maximum Louisville bands. Bigger than Breather Resist's for sure. God dayum. The abrasive chaotic sludge made a fan out of me for sure.

Gridlink - Gridlink played their entire new album for the MDF attendees, and I don't know how many shows they've played with this full line-up (they even have a bass player now). Not the best sound, but the energy was NUTS.

Portal - I knew the venue wouldn't get their sound right, especially once I saw the guitars were 8 string. I didn't know this before. Being that it was a big wall of noise (made more inaudible by my earplugs. . .which were needed. . . don't even put this band and My Bloody Valentine on the same bill), it was a damn good performance for what it was.

Just imagine that with more bass.
When they got to the end of the song "werships", it was crushing as all fuck. They need their own sound engineer though.

Tombs - I've seen this band a lot in the past couple years, but the thing about them is everytime I go see them they have completely new material they didn't play last time I saw them, and it's all really good. They only played one song I'd heard before at MDF. I'm looking forward to pretty much anything new they release.
D.R.I. - I wish they would've played some more of the early punk stuff. . . . .they are playing my little hole in the wall town pretty soon, and I will certainly be going.

Possessed - Possessed had a mishap the day they were supposed to play, so they jumped on half of Sadistic Intent's set (since Possessed are essentially SI with Jeff Becerra) and TORE SHIT UP! I say this, even though they did not play "seven churches" (denied).

Gorguts - I forget the name of that internet radio statin was. . .KNAC? Back in 98, I downloaded one of thier radio shows and they had the song "orphans of sickness" by Goruts on it. It was the first Gorguts song I ever heard. Gorguts played MDF, and it was about the 3rd or 4th song they played. This was one of the moments that made my day.

Rottenness - this was some surprisingly good porno gore grind, with hilarious between song banter, and raucous guest vocals by Mitch from Maruta.

Total Fucking Destruction - I've seen them a lot of times. I saw them in '06 when one of them was dressed like a member of Polyphonic Spree (or was that '07). This was by far the strangest, and funniest performance. They had this girl on stage with them, screaming randomly. Actually, the first song was the best part. Everyone on stage was just screaming their heads off, and those in front of the crowd joined in. It was also one of the only performances I managed to get a spot up front for.

Eyehategod - Amazing to finally get to see this band. They played "dixie whisky" and fun was had.

Jesus Crost - This band remind me of Yacopsae with how fast and tight they are.

Repulsion - I'd been waiting to see this band since '08, when they cancelled. It was certainly worth the wait. It was pretty awesome when Marissa Martinez joined them for two songs. (and I really hope they have Cretin play next year)

Watain - oh wait, they threw blood at people? and pushed the guy from DRI off stage?

I wasn't up front for them, I missed most of this. They sounded pretty awesome though. The whole crowd shouted along with "sworn to the dark". That shit was nuts.

Sulaco - I had forgotten they were playing, and was thrown off by the new songs that had no vox, but they were awesome.

I didn't get to see Converge's whole set (or Magrudergrinds for that matter) because some dumb shit happened that I had to clear up.. . . .but what I saw of both bands sets, they ripped it (by the way, don't use, if for some stupid reason your card gets declined when you attempt to make your reservation, they won't tell you. They'll send you a confirmation e-mail as if everything is fine.)
It's gonna take a lot to top Bolt Thrower twice in one weekend, but once again they put on an excellent fest (even if it's hard to circle pit on a hill. . . . . .can some thrash band write a song about that??).
onward to 2011!!

(well, first there's the WORLD CUP . . . . .the other only good thing about 2010

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