Tuesday, December 28, 2010

two posts in a month?! MY GOD!!!!!

so hey.

I gave you what I thought were the 40 best albums of the year. . . but you know it's a miracle I got to hear that much stuff considering I would get stuck on specific songs for long periods of time.

I made a list of 30 of these songs

and instead just of talking about them (I mean, I'm gonna talk about them. . ), I'm just gonna let you hear them.

now, note, I'm just trying this "8tracks" thing out. I'm on a free account, and I don't even know if it's going to play stuff in the correct order.
I included a link to my listography in it. . . but ya know, why not put the damn thing here.

1 "Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported" by Wormed
2 "Genesis 16:12" by the Left Rights
3 "I alone got up and left" by Harvey Milk
4 "rituals of mortal creamation" by Hooded Menace
5 "martyring" by Starkweather
6 "war start again" by Deva Bratt
7 "roadkill barbecue" by Excrementory Grindfuckers
8 "beef burgers" by Ladyscraper
9 "stay at home mom" by Dangers
10 "I am beyond" by Black Breath
11 "first blood" by Necro
12 "chikage" by cali≠gari
13 "aetherial breath" by Withered
14 "cursed" by Ion Dissonance
15 "shinkaigyo to hakuchumuu" by 朱鷺-toki-
16 "yamai" by Zig+Zag
17 "high five swan dive nose dive" by Pulled Apart By Horses
18 "curse of the masses" by Mr. Death
19 "this world hell" by Killing Joke
20 "the incorrigable flame" by Cephalic Carnage
21 "lay low" by Torche
22 "bastard tears" by Early Graves
23 "uninsured" by Yatagarasu
24 "我ガ身傷深ケレバ愛ユエニ...。" by Panic Channel
25 "guitar hero: sex pistols edition" by Tortoiseshell Male
26 "fettes schwein" by Punished Earth
27 "evil" by SADS
28 "a brief odyssey in time" by Decrepit Birth
29 "a thousand lies" by Triptykon
30 "fickepisse" by Jesus Cröst

. . .these songs are stuck in my head as I type this.
All of them.

the even more messed up thing about it is, that Cephalic Carnage album had a song called "ohrwurm"(which has one of the grossest videos you'll ever see. It won best video at Metal Injection. . .and why not. They kind of are the only ones that tried

. . . .although, personally I gotta give some props
what about Torch Runner??
) . . . .which means "earworm.
That song on the list should have been called "ohrwurm".
That gets stuck in your head like Human-era Death gets stuck in your head (they listen to a little too much Human-era Death though).

what else?
Deva Bratt somehow beat out Aidonia for best dancehall track. Strange.
"thunderous clap" was really fucking good. . . but shit. . . .Deva killed it. He's my favorite dancehall artist now. You know why? All the other ones I listen to just stopped doing hardcore shit completely. There isn't even gonna be a clash at Sting this year. Lame.

the Tortoiseshell Male song is probably the strangest track on the list. . . .but lets see you not get that stuck in your head for the next week.

Necro gets the award for best hip-hop hook of 2010 (tied with M.I.S.F.I.Ts "z-day") and best use of samples.

Ion Dissonance get on the list with what is basically a fucking intro. I'm not gonna discount it for that though, I listen to grindcore. Had the rest of the album been like that song, it would've made the top 40.

I don't know how annoyed people are going to be with my #1. It's from my #1 album. Whatever. You gotta love the Predator vocals. I couldn't even pick which song was the best song. That song wins though, because the intro and outro aren't so long.

Harvey Milk's album is supposed to be listened to in one sitting. . . . but I keep going back to "I alone got up and left". It's the catchiest thing on the record. It has that awesome solo that you could annoy anyone to death by singing along with, and the way they harmonize at the end is even better than how Intronaut did it on their album.

I'm not going to make excuses for having two visual kei songs make it on the list.
I'm just not.
That Zig+Zag song is a giant robot theme song in the making though.
I'm still trying to find out if they're from Nagoya, because they sound like they in fact are from there. . .and we need some Nagoya Kei bands that aren't just Slipknot in Japanese.

Excrementory Grindfuckers. . . . . the biggest problem I had making this list was picking an Excrementory Grindfuckers song. There's too many good songs on it. I purposely discounted the straight up parodies. . .or else "schnapsflash" (thier excellent parody of the Flash Gordon theme song. . . .and man, do they like Queen or what? They do Bohemian Rhapsody too) would have been on here in a second. There's a far les chaotic song i could have put in that stop, but it wouldn't be MY list if I went that rout.

Punished Earth are my favorite slam band. They sound way more pissed off than the others, especially in the song I picked.

Dangers win because the lyrics are so harsh. There just wasn't enough of that going on this year (even with Acacia Strain releasing an album. . .and I'll say, it wasn't even half bad).

Torche only had one song with a bomb drop in it on their EP, but the song is that good.

lastly, but 2nd. . .the Left Rights.
They're not even nerdcore hip-hop but they did it just as well (hell, maybe even better) as anyone else in the game.

everything else is kind of beyond words at the moment. I don't want to drag this out too long. I already have though.
dig the tunes.

I WANT to post more tapes next year.
I really do.
I of course have a hundred projects going on at a time all the god damn time. . .blah. . .
. . . dammit, i have more tapes though.

I'm not going to make wishes for next year, because I'll just get disappointed again.

Gridlink, Disembodied, that's all.
good night
stay warm.

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