Monday, April 12, 2010

random tapes randomness #2

1. There's only 3 or 4 people who are or ever were involved with visual kei fandom that I still talk to anymore, and it's not like any of them pay as much attention as i do, and that's saying a lot, because I don't pay that much attention either.
So, it's not like I expect to know about everything that goes on.

that said


They came out with an EP last month. . .but THEY MADE A NEW FULL LENGTH LAST SUMMER!

I thought it was just reunion shows.

. . .and oh man is this new shit good.
I don't remember liking 8 all that much, but ≠ is amazing, and 10 was really good too (the singles were called 9. . .and I didn't hear those yet)

2. these are my favorite things I've heard this year so far. .

Exhibit A - Wormed
Wormed are a tech/slam/gore/sci-fi/death metal band from Spain. Their vocals sound like the Predator. They released a single that is everything we all wish the last Cryptopsy single was.


. . . best tech death I've heard since the last Ulcerate album

Exhibit B - the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
They're set to release what will be the best metalcore record of the year until Early Graves release their album. It is abrasive, it is atonal, there's no pretty parts, there's no singing parts, it's just total fucking destruction. . . .the way i like mah sheeeit.
They put up two songs in the last month, and they're like fucking Donkey Kong in Smash Bros Brawl (or as I refer to it Smashy Trashy Brawly Brawly) after he gets that power up that makes you bigger than everyone else.
Yes. Hear all the new jawns up here.

Exhibit C - Deva Bratt
I only listen to the most hardcore, hostile, "bus dem up" dancehall. Vybz kartel used to be your go to guy for that, but Sting is over, so he's singing about whores again. Mavado's softened up too. Mavado used to to be the dancehall equivalent of Zorak when he was singing in that smooth R&B voice about "kickin' your fat ass" on the Brak show.
This guy, Deva Bratt, he's out for blood.

. . underrated as fuck, seriously.

I'm starting to like him more than Aidonia, and he's been my favorite since 2008.

visual kei, death metal, metalcore and dancehall. . . .yes

oh hold on


Exhibit D - Hooded Menace
an old buddy recommended this, and I became obsessed.
Old school horror themed death/doom metal from Finland. Riffs that get stuck in your head for fucking DAYS. . . .for real.
Check this out


oh no no no, there's more

Exhibit E - Xrin Arms
I just grabbed this album from his Reverb Nation site. I have no idea what the hell to compare it to, it's just way out of control. I've been into this artist for a couple of years, and they just keep surprising me.

yeah, pick that up here

oh oh oh oh, look look look look

Exhibit F - Bubblegum Octopus
ya boy put up some new songs

yes he did

he's about to go on tour
dates are on that page

swing it

I think that's all

so we had visual kei, death metal, Xrin Arms, 8-bit twee grind, doom metal and hardcore dance hall reggae

pretty random


. . .oh no, no no, wait

new Dystopiaq release
Nick R 61

it takes a lot for an electronica release to hold my attention
and this kid's got it

3. I don't like the new Deftones record anymore.

had i waited to buy it, I'd be pretty pissed.

that's all i'mma say

4. the year is barren for shows (because I don't live in brooklyn and cannot be bothered to drive there)
I'm going to see Narrows
and then I'm going to Maryland Death Fest

that's it

Killing Joke are playing, but it's 30 bucks and I'm feeling hella stingy because I saw them last year.

oh well

nobody's guessed the last song yet
a new one may or may not come this week

keep those ears open
good night

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