Friday, April 30, 2010

my that new song is a stumper. .

. . people have been trying, but just aren't sure.

Hopefully, we get some guesses.

I want to post another song in the next two days, but we'll see how that works.

Meanwhile, I went ot a show last night.

Alcest, Woe and Have A Nice Life played at the Studio in Webster Hall.
N.E.R.D were playing in the big room, and I having not been there since Sonic Youth in '07 or. . i think it was '07
. .got on the wrong line
and stood in the wrong line for like 10 minutes. . until I saw the marquee.

Have A Nice Life were up first.
They remind me of Jesu and A Place To Bury Strangers (and in some odd way Big Black, mainly stage presence).

It was their 3rd show ever. They were dogged by technical difficulties and still rocked that shit.
They had cassettes. I got one.
you hear this:

I dig 'em

I love how because of stuff like Wolves in the Throne room, you now get shoegaze bands and black metal bands on the same bill.

I wonder if A Place to Bury Strangers have ever played with someone like Wrath of the Weak.
(almost makes me wanna actually try to get a live band for 0cadavernamedAlison0)

next was Woe
I saw them last year with Tombs and Black Anvil.
One of the best US black metal bands in the game.
They played a new song, which killed.

then, Alcest.
I didn't even know they played live. I was under the impression this band was only 2 people. Maybe it's only two people recording the CDs.
Their singer had lost his voice, and the second guitarist announced he'd be assuming vocal duties for the night. He seemed to think he'd do terrible, but he was fine. They played almost the whole new album (I think there's one song they didn't play.. . but I've only listened to the new album two times . . .because it's been very hard to get off the Hooded Menace kick).

They didn't play the saddest song ever though

that's the saddest song ever (I give this title out way too freely. If we're to go by what I say, there are 100 saddest songs ever.. . .and most of them are by Slowdive and Envy [dead sinking story is lauded as classic genius stuff. .. .kids like being sad that much. Personally, I think their best material came before that album. dead sinking story is good though, don't get me wrong. . .but I don't put it on unless there's been a death]).
but yes
excellent show.

I think there's only one more show I'm going to before Maryland Death Fest (AKA the only good thing about 2010 besides the World Cup, and of course THE FUCKING WORLD CUP!!)

please listen to the song again

there will be a new one next post

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