Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random tapes randomness #1

alright. . . . .

- Since I'm not gonna record this week, I would like to. . .I dunno. . POST SOME SONGS. . eh?
God forbid I actually do that. Right?

- I was at Cold Stone Creamery, and they tend to play a lot of 80s stuff on the PA there. So, Bananarama comes on . . . .and it was right then I realized the porblem with Lush.
The problem with Lush is, you take away all that shoegazey-ness and what are you left with?

Now, this would've been a perfect excuse to post Onision's "i'm a banana" video. . . but I'm going to exhibit some self control.


- Speaking of Self Control, I'm on a Mad Capsule Markets kick again. You know, that Japanese band Kerrang! jocked (they might still jock them, I don't know) way past thier prime. Before they were jocked by Kerrang!, they sounded more like this. .

Which isn't to say those rather popular records they did were necessarily BAD. . .but they were bad compared to that stuff.

Mad Capsule Markets are one of my bro Incentive's favorite bands . . .and you should check out his label Dystopiaq's new compilation.

- of course, the awful news has spread that Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse died this weekend.
All this time, I thought I'd only heard one song by them ("someday I'll treat you good", for the record.)
I went to I Heart Noise and in his tribute he posted this video. .

. . .this was on a random tape.
I didn't know who it was.

Fucking awesome song.
Fucking awesome band.

Rest in Power

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